Residential use small Energy Storage Systems

Residential use small Energy Storage Systems

  • TRUEWIN's Residential Energy Storage System (TW-HESS) is a new photovoltaic energy storage system built upon lithium batteries and customized BMS. The new lithium battery's cycle life exceeds 4000 times and is suitable for daily charge and discharge. System interface considers the convenience for domestic use and shows battery status through color LED touch screen. Users can get first hand data, and the system is equipped with functions such as high reliability, anti-reverse, short-circuit proof, and high voltage resistance.

  • Advatages

    • Longer cycle life, lower Wh cost, faster investment return. • High charging current for quicker charge. • Support 100% deep discharge, higher discharge energy. • Smaller size, higher density, maintenance free. • Modular design, easy to install and using, • High security configuration, flame-retarding power port, anti-reverse, short-circuit proof, high voltage resistant. • Equipped with color LED touch screen, easy to acquire real-time system data status, and battery capacity status.

  • Application Scenarios